About the Better Business Scan


Accelerating change

The scan maps your intention and realization for sustainability. This informs the advice report on how to accelerate your transition trajectory.

Quick scan

Quick scan

We did our best to keep it short. The scan takes around 15 minutes. There are different routes through the scan, making the questions as relevant as possible for you.

Free report

Free report

You receive a free report with advice on your ambition, business model, transition path, barriers and leadership. Algorithms generate over 34.000 unique reports.


Scientific embeddedness

The scan results from decades of scientific research on sustainable business models, motivation and transitions. We have validated the scan with multiple techniques.


Broad audience

The scan is suited for different groups, including managers, students, advisors, policymakers and entire companies. See the homepage for all scans.


Growing community

In using the scan, you join a growing community of more than 1500 change makers that use the scan to make progress on building a sustainable business model.

The Better Business Scan aims to accelerate your transition to a sustainable business model. Decades of research has been turned into a 15-minute tool that generates a free advice report for the user. The scientific embeddedness and customization, with more than 34.000 different reports, make it a unique tool. Use the scan and join a growing community of change agents! More in-depth information can be found at the Resources page.