Next steps towards 2030

Sustainable Development is one of the greatest challenges of our time. As a company, you might have formulated your sustainable ambitions, or you are currently in the process of doing that. Once you have formulated ambitions, however, it proves to be challenging to determine how to turn this ambition into realisation and to understand which drivers for change to prioritize to make the best possible impact in your sustainability journey. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know what is the best way to implement your strategy? Which challenges you will face and how to overcome them?

Together with TOSCA we are launching our transformative program: ‘Taking the next step in your sustainability journey’. This program will give you the insights, knowledge, and tools to make your next step towards sustainability successful at scale and with impact.


This program aims to support you in turning your ambition into real impact. More specifically, the program will:

  • Make clear where you are right now, what your ambitions are and how you can achieve them
  • Enable you to make the next step in integrating the SDGs in your business model
  • Build capabilities by training and coaching of your change agents
  • Give access to best practices through the share & learn sessions with participants from other companies
  • Give access to State-of-the-Art knowledge and management tools as developed by leading business schools
  • Provide you with guidance and support from senior professionals during the whole program

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