Policymakers accelerating change towards a sustainable business model


Mapping companies

Mapping business cases and business models of the companies in your policy domain is the starting point of making science-based, tailor-made advice. This helps to combat the one-size-fits all approaches that are not successful enough.


Develop policies

There is no single policy that will stimulate laggards and frontrunners at the same time. Therefore, the aggregated results of the scan help to develop policies that different between the different transition phases of companies.



The Better Business Scan creates a win-win situation. While companies receive a customized advice report on their sustainability strategy, the aggregated results help you to finetune your policies. This is important to design the right stimuli for each company.

As a policymaker it is not always easy to develop the right incentives for companies to become more sustainable. Not all companies need the same stimuli. Therefore, a more differentiated approach is needed. The Better Business Scan helps to differentiate between companies that are in different transition phases. This is input for more finetuned policies. We support you in this process, with a focus on creating enabling conditions for the SDGs.