Students and researchers accelerating change towards a sustainable business model



The Better Business Scan makes it possible to quickly analyze the sustainability position of a company. You can use publicly available information (see the Resources page) to fill out the scan and, if possible, reach out to employees of the organization.


Further research

The results of the analysis are input for further scientific research, applied research or an assignment. For example, you can use the scan as the basis for further research on a company’s transition trajectory or use it as input for developing a new sustainability strategy.


Making it practical

Research participants that use the Better Busines Scan get an immediate return for their effort: an advice report. This enables them to reflect and work on their sustainability strategy while contributing to your (research) project.

We encourage students and researchers to use the Better Business Scan in their analysis of companies. We have validated the model and experienced that it is useful as the starting point of an analysis as well as for an in-depth analysis of specific topics. The results of the scan can also be used to develop a strategic advice for a company. More information on how to use the scan and where to find the right, publicly available information can be found at the Resources page.

Start the Better Business Scan

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