Employees and managers towards a sustainable business model


Understanding your motivation

Sustainable transformations start with intentions. Why do you want your organization to become more sustainable and which topics are important to you? How does that differ from the organization in general? This helps to identify how you can initiate change.


Becoming more sustainable

Once you understand the motivation for sustainability and your organization’s current position, there are multiple transition pathways. Identifying your path helps to work towards a more sustainable business model while anticipating barriers.


Accelerating change

As a change agent, you can drive change within your organization. The Better Business Scan provides you with the knowledge how and where you can accelerate change. This includes advice on the type of leadership you can employ to get things done.

The Better Business Scan offers you an analysis of your and your organization’s sustainability ambitions. Moreover, it maps the extent to which the intention is realized in the business model. The free, customized advice report offers you guidance and tips on how to work towards a more sustainable business model. This includes tips on which functional areas of management need more support and which leadership style might be useful for you in accelerating change.

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